Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Piper

There are a few things about my sweet girl that I want to remember. Next year Piper will be a big sister. I want her to know that I love her so much. I thank God for her everyday. I love everything about her & wouldn't want her any other way :) She is perfect! She could NEVER be replaced. Her daddy feels the same way.

When she doesn't get her way sometimes she will say "Oh come on!". It is hilarious!

We pray with Piper everynight. That is a special time for us. We let her know how much Jesus loves her.

Piper is very bossy & controlling. She is very much a leader. Very headstrong.

Sometimes when Piper gets embarrassed or is sad she makes this pouty face that absolutley breaks our hearts. You can't help but pick her up & love on her.

Piper knows how to spell STOP. We are working on her name. When we write it down for her she tells us what letter is next.

I put Piper in a size 6 shoe this week. She weighs a little over 28 lbs.

She knows that red means stop, green means go, & yellow means slow down.

She loves to color & write. She can make circles. She also loves her kitchen stuff.

She loves Dora, Princess stuff, & Cars.

We think she looks like her mommy (yay)

I think Piper's love language is quility time like her momma. She loves playing with people. She can play by herself but really loves being with people.

Yesterday Piper was running around in her little panties. I told her I just love her little bottom. Later on in the day she had her back to me & her head turned toward me & said "you like my bottom". Too cute!

Everyday when daddy gets home, Piper is so excited to see him! She runs & hugs him & yells "daddy!"

I think Piper will make such a good big sister. She loves to help & she is so motherly. She amazes me everyday!

This hat & tutu was made by Gina Scantling. It is absolutley precious!
Big cheesin here!

Piper Annabeth Ames, our little princess. We love you so much!

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  1. That was so sweet. I almost cried! She is too CUTE in that hat and tutu!