Sunday, December 13, 2009

little friends

I am so thankful for the little friends Piper has at church. I dropped her off today & a beautiful little red haired girl got up out of her chair & said "hi Piper". She was happy to see her. I think her name is Joselyn. She was precious! Mrs. Dayna & Sarah Reeves told me it is so neat how they are all talking & how Piper knows all their names. After church we always ask Piper who she plays with. She always names people off. Today she said Marin, Joselyn, Hayes, & Mrs. Joe. I don't think Mrs. Joe is even in there with her anymore but Piper has loved mrs. Joe for a long time. I saw Marin when her mommy came & got her today. I asked her if she played with Piper today. She said "I play with Piper." It was precious.

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