Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How it happened....

I wanted to tell the story of the house blowing up....

Apparently my uncle had his propane tank filled that week. The knob on the tank was messed up so come to find out the tank shouldn't have even been filled until it was fixed. That caused the tank to push alot more propane in the house than should have been. That wasn't the cause of the explosion though. My uncle tried to turn his heater on before he went to bed. He couldn't get it so he turned it off & went on to bed. My brother later decided to try. He said he remembers trying to light it. A huge ball of fire on the floor then he woke up outside by the propane tank. My uncle James' nephew lived back behind him. He heard the explosion & got their immediatley. Hank remembers him being there when he woke up. Kenny (uncle James' nephew) called Uncle James. He & my cousin Jeremy got there fast. My brother was scared. He couldn't find my uncle. He kept calling for him. My uncle finally replied a couple times & Hank felt better. Uncle James & Jeremy pulled Windale out of a huge pile of what was the house. My brother was flown to Hillcrest medical center for burns. My uncle windale had to stay in the Antlers hospital a couple of nights. His back is really messed up. The dr. said somehow 2 bones in his spine compacted together to where they hit bone to bone. He has some stitches & is still real sore. Hank had surgery on saturday to have skin grafts done. He had 3rd degree burns on his right arm & his right side. He burned most of the right side of his body & some of the left side. Hank is doing so good now. He has been hopping around with a walker. He has to hop since he has a broken foot. :( His face looks so good that it doesn't even look like its been burned. Thankfully he will get to come home tomorrow! We are so happy! I am so proud that he is doing so well.

Okay the cause of the gas leak.......The house was not a concrete bottom so the gas pipe was under the house. A copper wiring was used & when it is put under the house you are not supposed to use it b/c if it touches the ground it can carode. Well, it happened at the oven hook up. Where it connects to other places where the gas goes too a screw was not tight enough. The propane was not getting to the heater so that is why my uncle couldn't get it to start. Somehow my brother managed to get a little flame. I can tell you by looking at pictures of the house that God was with them. That is the ONLY answer. I have been thanking God everyday for what he has done. He saved them!

We got to know a couple of families while we were in the burn center. There was a lady who was there with her granddaughter. She was only 20. She was in a house explosion too. Well, we found out this morning that that young girl did not make it. She passed sometime through the night. We felt HORRIBLE for her sweet grandma b/c she was so worn out & she only left one time to go home & get rest while we were there. She slept in the lobby.
There was another lady who's husband was there. I don't know what happened to him. There were times he was doing good & times he wasn't. We were praying for both families while we were there. It was a neat experience. We felt very thankful that Hank did so well & is recovering fast!
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