Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with mom & Wayne

This is Piper's present from Grandma & Papa Baker. They were a pair of brown adorable boots!
Memaw & Piper opening presents. Here is a funny story about Piper this night:
Piper had her present that my mom got her. She was in a bad mood & screamed "that's not right". Then she knocks the present over. (yeah if she was older she would have definatley gotten in trouble for that)

We got Michael wayne a bunch of the cars from the movie "CARS". He loves them so much! Here is a funny story about him:
I handed Michael Wayne his present from us. There were clothes on top. He says "here let me get these clothes out of the way so I can get to the present". Good thing I didn't just get him clothes, he would have been completly disappointed.

Joe & Kayla
Aunt KK & Joe got Piper the Dora backpack. You know she LOVES that!

Piper & Michael Wayne had SO much fun playing together. They were running around like crazy little kids! I think these two will continue to be close cousins. They love eachother SO much!

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