Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas party at mrs. Beckys!

What a fun day we had!! We had a very eventful day & I think we were all worn out. I know I was.
We started the morning off with banana's & christmas tree shape muffins. mmm
We also listned to lots of Chrismas music!
Here are some poses by the tree :)
All of them! Minus Jasper. We sure missed him today!
Then we watched "The Poloar Express". I really love that movie. It is precious!
They did this on their own. They made a train. I love this. I got them all to say "all aboard" while I took a picture.
Then we made these Christmas trees & snowmen. That was fun!
Then we read some christmas stories. We read "Twas the night before Christmas". Then we read "O little town of Bethleham". We learned about Jesus being the King & we made these crowns to wear.
Present Time!
I really like this picture!
We got a movie, a book, a santa straw that whistles (sorry I taught them how to whistle them), playdo, chocolate, a candycane, candy ring, & a juicebox.

Of course I let them go ahead & eat a piece of candy.
mm mmm

Piper & Cooper with chocolate on their faces :)
Hudson & Dean :)
You know we have to make cookies too!

Here is a little video of them jumping off the chair. This is something they like to do on a daily basis.

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  1. Oh MY!!! I can't stop laughing at Cooper saying "Cheese" over and over while all of that was going on in the background. Cracks me up!

    I wish I had gotten to come to the Christmas party! You are so good with them Becky! You got some great pictures too!

    Thank you for all of their gifts! You are awesome!