Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Parade

Lastnight we went to the Greenwood Christmas Parade. We had fun but it sure was cold! We were bundled up pretty good though. We hung out with the Ristows.

Here is Lanea with Piper. Piper loves her & Lanea is So good with her!
This is not the best picture of the fireworks but they really had a good firework display before the parade started.
Me & P
Beau got one with us & the fireworks behind us.

Daddy & Piper
Jason & Cameron. Jana was riding on the back. I didn't get a picture of her b/c she threw a reeses to me :) & it took me so long to get Jason's attention.
The Meeker's in the firetruck! I tried to get a picture of all of them but this is what I got.
Lauren, Shaina & you can see part of Jasper. You can tell he has his Paci in his mouth. Too cute!
The end of the prade. Santa throwing candy.
The parade was good but we were towards the end & most of them ran out of candy by the time they got to us. I'm not complaining though b/c we got enough.

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  1. That sounds fun! Wish we could be there. It looks like it is pretty cold there too!