Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ames family Christmas

We didn't get to do our Christmas until today. Piper & I have been out of town since Dec. 18th. WOW that is a long time! Just got home tonight.
Here is Piper's present from Santa!
Daddy helping
Me & P with our presents. My new pink hot rollers! Love them! Piper with her Dora tin box & 2 dvd's. She loved it!
Here is a story behind these blocks.....Piper was with me when I bought these blocks. I told her they were for Michael Wayne for Christmas. She didn't say anything else about them. Tonight when she opened it up she said "What? No this is Michael Waynes!" What a memory she has!!
Lots of books! She loves books!
Beau really wanted a beefstick & cheese. Merry Christmas Beau!
Piper's new book. Thought it was very appropriate! :D
I wanted a small vacuum that I could just whip out anytime! Great job Beau! :)
She loves kitchen stuff so we got her an apron & some potholders. Too cute!
I think we do this picture every year! A family picture in front of our little Christmas tree. Beau & I have done it since our first Christmas! :)
Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas!!!! We sure did!

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  1. It looks like ya'll had a good Christmas. We are glad your brother and uncle are doing better!