Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet Moments

I know I talk about how horrible Piper's attitude is but she really has some sweet moments too. She really can be such a sweet girl.......

Lastnight she put her arm around me on the couch & said "momma you're my bestfriend!" :)

A couple days ago Piper gave Beau a kiss then she said "no daddy that's momma's kisses!" (that's sweet for momma, not for daddy :()

This morning when I went to get Piper when she woke up she started playing with my hair. She said "aawww, you're hair is so sweet". Who would have thought my unbrushed tangly hair could be sweet :)

Piper has been giving me a big hard kiss & says "that's a big one" then she gives me a real soft kiss & says "that's little one". She does it with hugs too!

O I love her so much!!

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