Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We went on a playdate to day with the Hogeland's. We had so much fun! The kids had lots of fun at the park, then we went to wal-mart, & to eat at Maria's. YUMMY!
These 3 are great friends!
Piper, Dean, & Piper's new friend. :)
Cooper turned his head....
...Then Dean turned his.
Piper & Cooper going down the slide.

Cooper would go down the slide extremely slow. It was easy to get his picture :) too funny!

Dean :)
The mommas!
Just love this face!
Piper wore her "Just be glad I'm not a twin" shirt to hang out with her twin friends.

We really had a great day! So thankful for great friends!
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  1. We're so thankful for you guys! I love the first picture b/c it reminds me of what was actually happening and why the boys are smiling so big-b/c they are about to run away so we can't take their picture! :) Do you see the dirty look Dean is giving that new "friend" in the 2nd picture? Man!!

    Great pics!! :)