Sunday, November 15, 2009

OU vs. A&M

Have I mentioned how much I love the Sooners??? I have always & will always love the sooners! This year hasn't been so great for us. Our star QB(who I think is the best QB in college right now) is out for the season & barely got to play this year. Our defense is good but not as good as usual. We are used to being winners so this year is a little hard for us :) Our QB Landry may be good but he is young. Maybe next year or the next. We have a couple of star players out this year. O well, there is always next year.

This is the SOONER SCHOONER. I want one! :)

This is how much my hog lovin husband loves his wife. He wore this OU shirt for me. It was hard for him just like it is hard for me to wear a razorback shirt when we go to a razorback game. You will never see me wearing a hogs shirt unless I am at a game & they are not playing OU.
The guys...Beau, Windale, Hank, Randy, & Paul......Poor me, I was the only girl.
The OU band proudly waving that Oklahoma flag....It brings great joy to me just being at an OU game!
The Sooners running out! I was pumped up at this point!
Some of the playas!
Landry (#12) getting ready to pass the ball.

The Schooner comes out with the ruffnecks when we score a touchdown.
This was the half time score. This is the sooner team I love watching!
OU's band at halftime. I wish I would have gotten a picture of A&M's band playing but I was too busy watching b/c they were AMAZING! One thing they have going for them. They were very good!
Half time show.
Paul posing :)
My uncle Windale & my brother Hank.
Here is Boomer!
My uncle Randy & Paul.
Me, Beau, Hank, Uncle Randy, & Paul.
My uncle Randy & uncle Windale.
The final score! Oh yeah!

Well in my post from the OU game last year, I talked about how I got pulled over....Well, Paul drove this year & you can't leave an OU game without getting pulled over. Remember me saying how it was such a blessing b/c of all the things I could have gotten a ticket for??? Well, Paul's liscense were suspeneded due to too many points on his record. The police officer was very nice. Didn't even run his liscense & just looked at it & his insurance verification. Wow! So thankful!
Here is a funny story, when you go to those games & it is crazy how many people are walking around drinking (outside the stadium). Well I was walking & talking to my brother. Looking & pointing at something. All of a sudden I smacked into a huge, hard plastic trash can & hit my arm so hard I thougth I almost broke it. it broke this skin & hurts very bad! I thought, all these people are going to think that I was drinking. HA! I didn't hear the end of that all day! :)
Here we are at the OU game last year.
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