Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making cookies!

This week we made cookies at my house. I had to do it 2 different days since I didn't have all the kids at once on the same day. We had fun & the kids really seemed to enjoy it!! I let them eat 1 & take the rest home. I didn't want to give them too much since we were eating candy corn & sprinkles too!

Jasper is a little to young to make cookies right now. :)
So he stayed in the walker looking cute!
Jasper & Hudson
Hudson & his cookies.
Piper happy about her cookies!
H was really looking forward to decorating his cookies! He was excited to show his mom when she came to get him!
She loves sweets!
Dean said cheese :) while he was eating sprinkles.
(sorry about all the chocolate on his shirt, I forget he has to make a handprint on his shirt to wipe his hands! I should have used a bib!)
mmm mmm Candy corn!
D was the first one done.
P got to do this 2 days! :) You know that made her happy!
We all had lots of fun! Glad I got to do this with all of them!
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1 comment:

  1. Dean was the first one finished? Imagine that?! :)

    You know I don't care if they get dirty. I'm the one who taught Cooper the wipe your hands on your shirt trick! :)

    Yea for cookies! Great pictures!