Saturday, November 7, 2009

Greenwood football & Fall Festival

Friday night Greenwood played their biggest rivals....Alma. Greenwood won 25-21. It wasn't a very pretty game & the officiating was pretty bad. We sat on the Alma side b/c the Greenwood side was so full. There were people standing all the way around the stadium. We sat behind a man that was pretty mouthy but he had us laughing. We went with the Greens & we talked trash right back to him but it was all in good fun.

Getting ready for the Greenwood game....Go Bulldogs!!!
Saturday they had the city fall festival. We hung out with the Hogeland's & had a great time!
Here is P looking at the animals.
Riding the pony. She loves riding ponies :) She was talking to the girl who was walking beside her. She pointed to us & said "that's my mommy & daddy."

Piper playing with Dean & Cooper....Look at the boys with their big boy haircuts!!!! So cute!
The Hogeland's on the hayride.
Us on the hayride.
The little ones feeding the animals.
Fun day!

Piper playing games.
Dean & Cooper throwing the balls.

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