Friday, October 9, 2009

movie night with friends!

I only took a couple pictures. That is probably b/c everyime I get out my camera everyone says "Oh Becky, not the camera". "you always take pictures". BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Not fun! I love taking pictures!
Piper stayed with Nita Carter (jana's mom). I was a little worried b/c Piper hasn't been around them alot but thought she would be okay b/c Cameron was there. She fell asleep & we laid her on the couch. She was out. We decided to go ahead & wake her up so she wouldn't be scared when she woke up & see mom & dad was gone. We told her we were going to leave & we would be back. She said "okay mommy, bye mommy". She was just fine. Then I kiss & hugged her & told her to have fun. She said "have fun mommy." So glad that went so well. She had a really fun time! She was calling Jana's parents grandma & papa J b/c that is what Cameron calls them. She loves Cameron.
We went & ate at Logan's. Here is me & Jana. :) She is a sweetheart!
The only other picture I took :( this is only half the group....this was at Braums after the movie.

Oh and we watched : "COUPLES RETREAT". The one with Vince Vaughn & Malin Akerman in it. It was funny! A few bad parts but mostly it was descent. For adults of course.

Oh & about the broom (Brittany) it did not stand up the next day....So weird! :)

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