Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday night we went to Spiro to watch my cousin Timothy play football. He plays for Antlers which is where I am from. Antlers lost but I enjoyed going. After that my aunt, Jane, uncle Danny, & cousin Timmy came & stayed the night with us. I really enjoyed that! I would have more pics but the batteries on my camera went dead.

Here is not a very good picture of Timmy. He did get the 1st tackle of the night. :)
Here is Piper at Timmy's game. She kept saying "go timmy, go timmy". Then she later got up dancing singing "go Piper, go Piper, I like to dance". Bet ya can't guess what show she got that from....Yep, Yo Gabba Gabba! She had fun but it got cold!
Me & my aunt Jane. :) We all got up the next morning & went to the benifet a lot of people from my church put together for the family of Michael McCutcheon. He has a lot of health problems & possibly a transplant. Our lifegroup did a bakesale. They had a yardsale, a bounce around for the kids, music all day, & a dunking booth. I liked the dunking booth b/c Grant was in there when we got there. I really enjoyed dunking him! I had to scoot up to do it but O so worth it! :) They had other activities going on as well. All together they raised $6,300 for that sweet family. What a blessing!
Here are Piper & Drew playing at the benefit. :)

It has gotten cold! I know it was not this cold at this time lastyear! Does that mean it is going to be a cold & long winter!?!?!

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