Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall party/engagment suprise!

Lastnight Rachel Wirth & Amber Quillman had a fall party for their lifegroup at Rebekah Moore's home. We decided to have a little suprise party for our newly engaged friend, Rachel.

We carved pumpkins! I have never carved a pumpkin before. It was lots of fun. It was gross too. We are going to do one with Piper this year though.

Rachel & her cookie cake.
She was SO suprised! She is so sweet!
The group
Carving pumpkins
Me & my carmel apple
Gross! I have a big mouth!
Sweet Rebekah!
Me & my pumpkin with our lastname. Piper was So happy to see this pumpkin when I got home!
Rachel with her "R heart G" pumpkin!
Rebekah with her pumpkin!
Tara & Aspen!
Rebekah & me. I was trying to hide my face b/c I had caramel all over it!

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