Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Lifegroup party

We got together lastnight with our lifegroup. Had a great time! It was beautiful & the day turned out nice (not too cold).

Piper & Dean
playing in the leaves

My sweet girl
The Lane's minus Lori.
Drew & Piper
Playing in the sand.

Beau & his pumpkin. He was so proud!
carving pumpkins
The Hogeland's
The Lowe's
The Ames'
The Scantling's

Cheryl & Peyton (Brian stayed home with baby Emmalyn)
The Wade's
The Meeker's

The Nelms'

Beau's wonderful pumpkin again.
The Cavallo's
The McNutt's
The Kirby's

I did not get pictures of the McMillan's & the Youngblood's families :( Think I got everyone else that was there.
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