Thursday, October 29, 2009

big rash

When I finally got up from a long nap yesterday & Piper had already taken hers, this is what I saw on Piper.

A rash! She had it on her arms & legs too. We called the dr. & they wanted to see her. He wasn't quite sure what it was but said it could be her medicine & took her off the tamiflu. He thought she was well enough to be off it anyway. She hasn't had fever since Monday & has been acting fine.
This big rash on her face didn't stay long. It was gone after about 4 hours. When I put her in bed she still had a little bit on her back. I hope it stays gone. She is now taking a antihistime & decongestant for her horrible cough. I think lastnight was better though. I don't think she coughed as much through the night as she has been.
As for me. This is the first day I have actually felt like getting out of bed. YAY!
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