Friday, October 30, 2009

We are better......

Me & Piper are both feeling better. We got out of the house today YIPEE!!! Piper said she wanted to go to target & go shopping so we did! We also went to Michaels & Old Navy. I love Michaels!

I just want to say how thankful I am for my sweet husband! My husband who has never called in to work sick stayed home with me & Piper for 2 days to take care of us. It was great! He is such a hard worker! Don't know how I would have done it without him!

Thankful for all the prayers from everyone! Monica brought us some potatoe soup, cornbread, & cookies for dinner one night. My friend Ashley Hardcastle also brought us some pizza. She remembered how we like it.....Half hamburger, half cheese. :) Then Beau's aunt Frances brought us some sonic. How thoughtful of all of them!!!

I most importantly thank GOD for our healing!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

big rash

When I finally got up from a long nap yesterday & Piper had already taken hers, this is what I saw on Piper.

A rash! She had it on her arms & legs too. We called the dr. & they wanted to see her. He wasn't quite sure what it was but said it could be her medicine & took her off the tamiflu. He thought she was well enough to be off it anyway. She hasn't had fever since Monday & has been acting fine.
This big rash on her face didn't stay long. It was gone after about 4 hours. When I put her in bed she still had a little bit on her back. I hope it stays gone. She is now taking a antihistime & decongestant for her horrible cough. I think lastnight was better though. I don't think she coughed as much through the night as she has been.
As for me. This is the first day I have actually felt like getting out of bed. YAY!
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Monday, October 26, 2009


Me & P are sick! Not a fun day, not a fun night lastnight......
Saturday night as I was putting Piper to bed I noticed she felt really hot. Beau & I just kept an eye on her & he eventually put her in bed with us just in case she was sick. Sunday morning her temp was 101 so we didn't go to church. :( She acted fine throughout the day. She would just periodically run fever. I would give her motrin & it would go down. Well about 2:00 in the night Beau went & got Piper & she was so hot. Temp was 103. We gave her more motrin & was up with her for 2 hours trying to get the fever down. We kept rubbing a cool rag on her head & neck. She would say "mommy I'm not sick''. By this time I was not feeling well. Real achey, coughing, chest & head hurting & a low grade fever. Beau & Piper went to sleep in the other bed so I could rest. He wanted to go to the ER but we decided to wait till morning if we could. Her fever went down a little. We went to see Dr. White first thing this morning. Piper threw up as soon as we got her out of the car. Since Piper's temp was so high he decided to do a flu swab. It did come back positive for type A flu which he said was more that likely the swine flu. He didn't do a flu swab on me b/c my temp hadn't been as high as Piper's. He said that I could in fact have it & gave me a perscription for tamiflu. He wrote one out for Beau also just in case he ended up sick. He put me on antibiotics & deconex for my sinuses. I have been in bed all day. I think Piper is taking it better than me. We got in bed this morning & Piper threw up 4 times when we got home. Beau is doing a great job taking care of us & Monica brought us some potatoe soup. We are so thankful for all the prayers & comments we got.

I remember being scared about a month ago when so many kids were getting the H1N1 flu & wondering if I should get Piper her flu shot since we never get ours. At her 2 year appointment we did the seasonal flu mist & now she still ends up with the H1N1 flu. :(
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Lifegroup party

We got together lastnight with our lifegroup. Had a great time! It was beautiful & the day turned out nice (not too cold).

Piper & Dean
playing in the leaves

My sweet girl
The Lane's minus Lori.
Drew & Piper
Playing in the sand.

Beau & his pumpkin. He was so proud!
carving pumpkins
The Hogeland's
The Lowe's
The Ames'
The Scantling's

Cheryl & Peyton (Brian stayed home with baby Emmalyn)
The Wade's
The Meeker's

The Nelms'

Beau's wonderful pumpkin again.
The Cavallo's
The McNutt's
The Kirby's

I did not get pictures of the McMillan's & the Youngblood's families :( Think I got everyone else that was there.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I believe this sweet boy will be crawling soon!
Today Hudson put on one of Piper's bibs. It was funny watching him run around playing wearing that bib! :)

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It's official

Did I tell you that I am saying it is official?? Piper is potty trained. She knows what she is doing & she tells me when she needs to go. She has had a couple accidents but she is still learning to tell me in time that she needs to go......She has had no accidents today.....NO MORE DIAPERS OR PULL UPS FOR ME! YAY!!!!!!!
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fall party/engagment suprise!

Lastnight Rachel Wirth & Amber Quillman had a fall party for their lifegroup at Rebekah Moore's home. We decided to have a little suprise party for our newly engaged friend, Rachel.

We carved pumpkins! I have never carved a pumpkin before. It was lots of fun. It was gross too. We are going to do one with Piper this year though.

Rachel & her cookie cake.
She was SO suprised! She is so sweet!
The group
Carving pumpkins
Me & my carmel apple
Gross! I have a big mouth!
Sweet Rebekah!
Me & my pumpkin with our lastname. Piper was So happy to see this pumpkin when I got home!
Rachel with her "R heart G" pumpkin!
Rebekah with her pumpkin!
Tara & Aspen!
Rebekah & me. I was trying to hide my face b/c I had caramel all over it!

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