Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vomanos! (let's go)

Friday night we went to the Greenwood football game. We saw the Green's there so we sat with them. That was good b/c Piper had another kid to help keep her occupied. She likes Cameron. She did good. Didn't know quite what to think with all the noise & the fireworks scared her at first. She got used to it though. She loved the bulldog but did not want her picture taken with him. She did give him a high five though.Saturday we went to Beau's company picnic. As we were getting out of the car Piper says "Vomanos, let's go". She's been watching too much Dora! HA!

Tonight Piper is sitting on my bed watching CARS. I ran & jumped on the bed & she tried pushing me off & told me to get off her bed! That little stinker!

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