Wednesday, September 2, 2009

funny moments

Today Piper pooped in the potty. She has only done this twice now since we have been potty training. I showed her her poop. Sounds gross but I wanted her to know that she was doing so good by pooping in the potty. She says "I poop in da potty". I said, "yes you did!" She says "daddy gonna poop in the potty.'' I said, "yes he will." We come back later to go potty & she looks in the toilet & says "where'd my poop go?" Ha!

Piper has been saying "I never" about alot of things. If she doesn't get her way or if we can't do something fast enough. If we tell her it's nap time she says "I neber take a nap". Tonight we were walking she told us she wanted her milk. We told her we would get it when we got home, she says, "I neber drink milk." When she is ready to eat & it isn't quite ready she says "I neber eat!" It is too funny!

Piper will tell us " I love you so much!'' We say "I love you more''. We go back in forth, "no I love you more." Then she says "I love you the most". Oh how we love it!

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