Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cupcake time!

Piper had a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party. It turned out really well. We had lots of great people there. We are SO thankful! I tried to plan the birthday party after the razorback game but it didn't work out so well. That was okay. Everyone just ended up watching the rest of the game at our house. Unfortunatley the razorbacks lost to Alabama. Thankfully OU had their bye week so I didn't have to worry about planning around both games.
Piper does not like having all the attention. She got a little embarassed when everyone sang & everyone was staring at her.
I love it!
She was trying to blow out the candle with her sweet sad face.
She is happy now that she can eat her cake!
I just love this face!

I don't know why she started eating her cupcake like this. She never eats anything like this. I am glad she did though b/c it was too cute!
Piper & Addilyn
Trey, Piper, Dean & Cooper enjoying their cupcake. Dean started eating his cupcake like that too! HA!

Enjoying cupcakes
"That's yummy"
Sweet boys!
Addilyn enjoying a cupcake.
Peyton & Cameron

A special thanks to Monica for making the cupcakes. She did a wonderful job of course!

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