Sunday, September 20, 2009

birthday party in Antlers

We had a little birthday party with my family in Antlers. Piper was a little cranky. I think her teeth were hurting on top of not having a nap!

This was singing Happy Birthday! Not happy!
Hand in the mouth. Not feeling well. Cranky! Michael Wayne trying to comfort her! :)
She's happy now. "Just let me eat the cupcake mom, ya'll don't have to sing to me!"
Sweet, messy, cupcake face!
Me & my Uncle Danny.
Mimi & Piper swinging.
My silly grandma! Love her!
Uncle Windale & Hank. We went to uncle Windale's house afterward to watch OU beat Tulsa 45-0!
Aunt Barb in the back, Aunt Jane, Me, Lisa.
I don't know what my aunt Jane was doing here. :)
Sweet baby Gavin. He is so good & so precious!
Hank, Uncle Windale, Beau, uncle Bob.
Shannon & Zach not wanting their picture taken.
Sweet Katlin
Michael Wayne
P loved this winnie the pooh computer from aunt Jane & uncle Danny.

Garrett helping

DORA! Ashley got her this Dora that can swim in the bathtub!

We had a great time in Antlers. We also went & watched my cousins Lisa's boy, Drew play football. It was great!

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