Friday, September 4, 2009

Beau & PJ (It's been a long time)

This weekend Pete & PJ came up. Beau said it has been about 8 years since he has seen PJ. I can't tell you how happy Beau was to see him. Here are a few pictures & I will take more.
PJ & Beau back in the day.
First time to see eachother. Going in for a hug.

Brothers :)

Piper wanted in the picture too! Look how big PJ & Beau are smiling. This really makes me happy.
We ate lunch with Pete & PJ at El Chico. It was great! We had such a great time. There were times when Beau had tears running down his face. So of course I did too. I am so thankful for the reunion. God is so good!

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