Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday with the turtles

I caught & saved two turtles for the little ones b/c I knew they would like it....They did. Hudson asked where one of thems head was :)
Sweet Jasper enjoying being outside!

Looking at the turtle. Cooper kept trying to get in there with them. Dean wanted the balls out of there. Piper kept saying "hi turtle".

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  1. Great Post! I thought of a lot of things as I read this post-so here it is:

    -I didn't know ya'll did that??!! How fun! I wish I could pick them up in the afternoon so I could hear about all this fun stuff! :)

    -Leave it to Dean to point out the balls instead of the turtles!

    -Piper looks like a cutie patootie in that outfit!

    -I'm really tired just looking at all those kids and 2 of them are mine!! :) I don't see how you do it girl but you do a great job!