Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy day Oh & Piper peeing in the potty!

I absolutley enjoyed this day with Piper. It was raining & storming this morning. We turned on some cartoons & cuddle together. It was great!
We had all kinds of fun. Mostly just real lazy though. We did our alphabet. Watched cartoons & wore big girl panties all day! :) Piper found the markers & colored on my couch & on Toodee!!! Bad girl!

Well, since it was just me & Piper today I thought I would try the panties only thing again. She peed in her panties 3 times then I put a pull up on at nap time & peed in it too. This evening she looked like she was about to poop. I asked her if she needed to go potty & she said yes. So I put her on the potty & she did it! Beau & I were so excited! We were screaming & yelling! She looked at us like we were crazy! I couldn't believe my ears at first when I heard the urine fall into the potty! WAY TO GO PIPER! I think this is the start of potty training...Wish me luck!!!

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