Saturday, August 29, 2009

fun at the fair

Lastnight we went to the fair. Piper loved it. She loved all the animals. We were at the rabbits & Piper says "Hi rabbit, I'm Piper".
We first put her on this ride. She did not ride this ride. They took way too long so she kept climbing out of her seat belt.....I think she would have liked it though. We the went to the ladybugs. Piper laughed on it. It didn't last very long. I tried to get it on video but didn't so now I don't even have a picture of her on the ladybug. :(

Piper & Mommy going in the fun house. Piper liked this too.

at the top of the fun house (can you believe they made me pay tickets to go in the fun house with her?? 6 tickets & it took us 30 seconds to get through.)

This big thing spun around as you walk through. Piper couldn't do it.
So Piper & mommy ran through it.
She wanted to drive the tractor.
Daddy & Piper :)

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  1. We were there last night too! The boys rode the ladybug (they SO did not let that ride last long enough)! And then we looked at all the animals and watched the beginning of the rodeo. The boys loved the animals!