Friday, August 7, 2009

bowling night

Saturday night we went to my most favorite restraunt.....TAMALES!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Then we went bowling.....Fun times! My cousin Tosha & Charlie were in from southern AR. Yeah we both married Arkansas boys.....hhhmmmm.

Me, my cousins Ashley & Tosha.
My brother being goofing & bowling granny style. Pretty sure this one went strait to the gutter. :)

Charlie (Tosha's husband)

goofy Tosha

My little brother Alex!


Uncle Windale

Me & Ashley (Tosha in the back ground)

I'm telling you I have a crazy family (Uncle Windale & Tosha)

Nice uncle windale!

Thank you Lord for family....Even if they are crazy! I love them!
[Oh & my cousin Timmy was here tonight too....Don't kow how I didn't get a picture of him :( ]

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