Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summertime....Piper & Mommy hanging out.

I have really enjoyed spending my summer with Piper. We have actually had some good quality time. I am ready to get back in my groove of watching kids though. I think Piper is too. She likes having little ones to play with.
POTTY TRAINING: I have attempted putting Panties on P. She will tell me she needs to go potty. I take her several times & she still doesn't use it. I am going to try again tomorrow all day. Wish me luck.
Of course she had to have the little Dora panties! :)

Riding in her car with Brobee. Her buddy.

This is just great! Piper was telling me that Brobee was wet. Then I see her heading to where I keep diapers, powder, & wipes. Didn't think anything of it. After I thought about it I came back & this is what I found!!! POWDER ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!!
While I was trying to clean it up she kept dumping the powder so she ended up having to stay a minute in the corner. She went twice today. :(

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