Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Softball is over :(

Summer softball is officially over. The two FBC teams did great. One team got 1st place in our division being undefeated & the other team (the team I'm on) got 2nd place. We lost two games & it was to the other FBC team. We had a great time & got to know some great people!

Dusty, Cora, Beau, Gina, & Tony.
Cora, Gina, & Tony helped me so much with Piper & I am so thankful!
Piper, Ellie, & Sophie

I can't remember what Ellie was doing here.

Piper loves coming to the baseball games. She gets to see alot of her favorite people & get really dirty.

Autumn & me!

Me & Yvonne!

Me & Cassen

Piper getting dirty, this was nothing. She got alot dirtier than this!

Piper & Addi

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