Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Softball 09

Here are some softball pictures of the team. Oh & I have more to come.
Shannon hitting.
Shannon again

Rhonda hitting the ball.

Rachel hitting the ball.

Cassen on 1st, Rachel running.

Dusty stopping the ball.

Cassen stretching to get the ball on 1st.

Nice stretch Cassen!

Grant hitting.

Grant again

ball going to Shannon in left center.

Lawson hitting.

Grant catching the ball.


Yvonne Pistole!

Chance Lane on off his feet!

Lawson Lowe!

Cassen Scantling!

Miranda Nolen!

Some of our team.

Nice catch Dusty!

Dusty Oaks

Erica Wilson making an awesome catch.

Andy Peoples stopping the ball.

Andy making a double play against our team.


The 2 teams.

Melissa Wilson
The 2 teams praying together after the game.

Lawson & me high fiving.
Shannon getting hit in the back with the ball.

Cassen tagging out at 1st.

Yvonne hit the ball & running to 1st.

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