Monday, July 20, 2009

sick little girl

Little P is not feeling well today.....She has been throwing up... :( I am so not good with throw up! Glad daddy is here today to clean it up! :) He is so good!
Here is P laying down watching Nick Jr.
Then she fell asleep on the couch. She never does that..Poor baby.

I made a trip to wal-mart. I hope this makes her feel better. She got pedialyte, a Nick Jr. video, a Dora doll, Fillmore from CARS, & some princess chicken noodle soup....
Praying for my little girl & thankful I have a Saviour who has his hand on her! Thank you Jesus!


  1. Hope Piper is feeling better today! I hate it when kiddo's feel yucky!

  2. You are such great mother! The WM trip was so sweet!!