Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't push me!

I just had to post this. Piper has done this quite a bit now. If she is into something or we are just trying to move her we sorta guide her out of the way. She says "don't push me". It is too funny! We have no idea where she got it from. She did it to Beau the other day when he was trying to get her out of the bathroom. Then she came to me & said "he push me". It was funny. She also did it to my mom....That funny girl.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh how I love Sundays

I love spending Sunday's with my family..... Church was amazing! In the evening's we always just hang out together & usually go for a walk. Fun fun times!

Today in church Bro Ronnie spoke on John 21:15-19. It was so good! It was when Jesus asked Simon Peter 3 times if he loved him. He answered back saying you know I do. Jesus said then feed my sheep (verse 17). Then in verse 19 he (JESUS) says "Follow me".
It just reminds me of how I need to be. If I love Jesus then I will feed his sheep. He wants me to tell those I love about Him. He also says follow me. That is huge! How often am I really "following Him"??? Not enough. I am going to pray this week to feed Jesus sheep & to follow Him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just because.....

I knew how bad Beau has been wanting the new NCAA football 2010. We weren't getting it yet b/c we are trying to be tight with our money. Well we were in wal-mart & I suprised him. We went to go look at it & see how much it was. I told him to go ahead & get it. I can't even tell you how happy he was!!! I wanted to get this for him b/c I wanted him to know how much me & Piper appreciate all that he does. He works so hard for our family. We are so blessed!

My sweet husband came home today & this is what he brought me.....JUST BECAUSE. It really made my day! A beautiful rose, some very beautiful jewelry, & my favorite drink....PEPSI. He told me thank you for all the hard work I do. He is just awesome!

Summertime....Piper & Mommy hanging out.

I have really enjoyed spending my summer with Piper. We have actually had some good quality time. I am ready to get back in my groove of watching kids though. I think Piper is too. She likes having little ones to play with.
POTTY TRAINING: I have attempted putting Panties on P. She will tell me she needs to go potty. I take her several times & she still doesn't use it. I am going to try again tomorrow all day. Wish me luck.
Of course she had to have the little Dora panties! :)

Riding in her car with Brobee. Her buddy.

This is just great! Piper was telling me that Brobee was wet. Then I see her heading to where I keep diapers, powder, & wipes. Didn't think anything of it. After I thought about it I came back & this is what I found!!! POWDER ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!!
While I was trying to clean it up she kept dumping the powder so she ended up having to stay a minute in the corner. She went twice today. :(

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gavin Augustus Brown

Justin & Brenda (my cousin) had their baby today! Gavin Augustus Brown! He looks so much like his older brother Garrett!
Gavin is 7lbs 6oz 19.3 in
He was born at 7:54 this morning.
I can't wait to meet him!
Thank you Lord for letting everything go well! I have been praying for them b/c her first labor & delivery didn't go so well. She was a little nervous! Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We had a great night eating dinner with Beau's aunt Fran, uncle Jerry, & cousin Karen. We went to Furrs. We are happy we got to see Karen. She is expecting in Jan. We are so happy for her & Jimmy!

We know so many people who are pregnant right now!
Karen (Beau's cousin)
Mandy McMillan
Shannon Lowe
Cheryl Esters
Miranda Nolen
Brenda Brown (my cousin who is due anyday!)
I just want to lift all these wonderful ladies up in prayer & their little babies!! I am so happy for them!

Monday, July 20, 2009

sick little girl

Little P is not feeling well today.....She has been throwing up... :( I am so not good with throw up! Glad daddy is here today to clean it up! :) He is so good!
Here is P laying down watching Nick Jr.
Then she fell asleep on the couch. She never does that..Poor baby.

I made a trip to wal-mart. I hope this makes her feel better. She got pedialyte, a Nick Jr. video, a Dora doll, Fillmore from CARS, & some princess chicken noodle soup....
Praying for my little girl & thankful I have a Saviour who has his hand on her! Thank you Jesus!

1 year ago

It has been 1 year today since my sweet grandpa left us. :( I miss him so much. I really missed him when our birthday came around this year. It had to have been one of my worst birthdays ever. I cried all day & didn't go to church. I cannot wait to see him again. I pray for my grandma. They were married for a long time. She is so strong!
To my grandpa Ollie Drew Dillishaw, I love you & I will always miss you!!!

She's got the moves

This was before church on Sunday July 19, 2009. We always play music while we are getting ready for church.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swimming fun

A few days ago we went to Monica & Gary's & went swimming. Fun Fun!
Drew & Piper
Miss Piper

Mr. Drew

Me & my girl!

Piper & daddy!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

poor Muno/dancing with Brobee

Piper is dancing with Brobee in this picture.

I here Piper telling Muno he's going to the corner. Had to get a picture.....Poor Muno!

Softball is over :(

Summer softball is officially over. The two FBC teams did great. One team got 1st place in our division being undefeated & the other team (the team I'm on) got 2nd place. We lost two games & it was to the other FBC team. We had a great time & got to know some great people!

Dusty, Cora, Beau, Gina, & Tony.
Cora, Gina, & Tony helped me so much with Piper & I am so thankful!
Piper, Ellie, & Sophie

I can't remember what Ellie was doing here.

Piper loves coming to the baseball games. She gets to see alot of her favorite people & get really dirty.

Autumn & me!

Me & Yvonne!

Me & Cassen

Piper getting dirty, this was nothing. She got alot dirtier than this!

Piper & Addi

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Okay so I think most people who know us well, know how much Piper loves Yo Gabba Gabba.....Today at church she was upset b/c we left Muno in the car. When we got home I pulled out her papers from church & found this on the back of one of her color sheets. It is Muno....I knew the Hogeland's had to have been in there. It is cute!

Fun wknd

We went to Dr. Tim's house Sat & went swimming with the Hardcastle's....It was nice b/c we hadn't seen them in so long!! After that we went to Pizza Warehouse. It's sorta like a chucky cheese but not as much stuff to do & it is a buffet. It was really good.

Here is Piper & Kinley on the carrosal...

Miss Kinley

P absolutley loved it!!

Piper & Daddy riding the jet ski.....Piper was more concered with her shoe coming off.

Here are the girls.

Had to take their picture too! Brandon & Beau...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Congrats

We have a few friends who are buying houses & are closing in a couple weeks.....Heath & Ashley & Jared & Cassen! We are so excited for you all!!!!! We love you guys!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Congrats to our friends!

A couple days ago we found out from our friends Lawson & Shannon Lowe that they were having another baby!! They are due around the beginning of March. We are so excited for them! Drew will have a little brother or little sister! Had to make sure they went public with it before I did!

Softball 09

Here are some softball pictures of the team. Oh & I have more to come.
Shannon hitting.
Shannon again

Rhonda hitting the ball.

Rachel hitting the ball.

Cassen on 1st, Rachel running.

Dusty stopping the ball.

Cassen stretching to get the ball on 1st.

Nice stretch Cassen!

Grant hitting.

Grant again

ball going to Shannon in left center.

Lawson hitting.

Grant catching the ball.


Yvonne Pistole!

Chance Lane on off his feet!

Lawson Lowe!

Cassen Scantling!

Miranda Nolen!

Some of our team.

Nice catch Dusty!

Dusty Oaks

Erica Wilson making an awesome catch.

Andy Peoples stopping the ball.

Andy making a double play against our team.


The 2 teams.

Melissa Wilson
The 2 teams praying together after the game.

Lawson & me high fiving.
Shannon getting hit in the back with the ball.

Cassen tagging out at 1st.

Yvonne hit the ball & running to 1st.