Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what a day

Piper & I am at my mom's in Okla. Piper is teething! :( She was up alot lastnight coughing. She is weezing now. This morning she was running in the hallway, fell, & bloodied her little nose. I have been cleaning blood out of her nose all day. My mom & I have been carrying her around while she just cries. That makes her breathing worse. My poor baby.

This is sweet:
While we are in Antlers I let Piper call Beau to tell him goodnight. I put her on the phone lastnight & you could tell what Beau was saying to her b/c this is what she was saying.
Hi Daddy........
I wud you (i love you)........
I miss you.........
Wud you so much ( love you so much)
Bye daddy.......

I love it!!!!


  1. aww poor baby girl!! teething is so tough!! and then the bloody nose on top of it! ughh!!! poor little P!!

    i can't wait to hear noah say "i love you!" that is so sweet, she loves her daddy!!