Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We had a bad storm come in friday. Jessica & I got done with our yard sale just in time! I was home alone. I was worried about Beau driving in the weather so I called & couldn't get in touch with him. He sends me a text & says "i'm okay Beck, I had to take cover". I was so glad he wasn't worried about me! :) haha!

This tree is in our back yard. You can see some of the branches broke off.

Saturday morning Beau & I sat outside & drank our coffee. It was nice. We watched this little bird peck at this worm. It never took it but it did kill the worm.

I love quality time with my husband!

Me & Piper went to Antlers for a couple days. We had fun of course! Went swimming! Spent a day in Paris with aunt Liz shopping & I got to eat at my most favorite restraunt Tamales! YUMMY! Piper loves being with mimi!
This is my nephew Michael & Piper taking a bath after watching our cousin Drew's baseball game Tuesday night. His team won 12-4!

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