Sunday, June 28, 2009

Natural's Game

Our lifegroup went to the Natural's game lastnight. Fun Fun! They are a minor league baseball team. They played the Little Rock Traveler's. They won with a homerun in 1 extra inning. We had great seats & it was a good game!
Shannon & Me
On the bus

again on the bus

Lawson & Beau

Heath (our driver) & Ashley! ;)

Me & Cass

Jared, Lawson (ducking down), Shannon, & Ashley

Our preacher Ronnie & his sweet wife Raye.

Grant & Rachel!

Me & my sweets!

Cassen & Jared!!

Jackie Meeker & her sweet mother in law.

The game

Theresa & Erika

Vance! He must be a big deal b/c they gave away bobble heads of him! :)
He did play in the major leauges for a while.

Amanda, Shannon, Me, & Layla.

Yeah, my brother came too!


The group minus Heath, Ashley, & Chance b/c they were sweet & went & got the bus! :(


  1. So fun!! I wish we could have gone!! Glad you all a great time.

  2. i love your small group!!! i haven't seen jackie in ages!! and rachel! oh dear i miss her!! it looks like you all had so much fun!!! :)