Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Another night with the ladies! We had so much fun! This is us at Chili's.

Cassen, Kim, Mandy, Me, Cheryl, Amanda, Ashley, & Jessica.
Saturday we had our softball pre-season tournament. It was SO muddy! We won 1 & lost 2. That is okay. We are in the 3rd division so we will just be good in that division. It rained a little. My husband got SO muddy! He was covered.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Piper actually stayed the weekend with my mom since we had our tournament. My brother Hank stayed the weekend with us. We went to church & suprised my mom & showed up at my grandma's house. It was great! I really have a wonderful mom! We got to spend time with my wonderful family!

Sunday night Beau, me, Hank, aunt Liz, & uncle Bob went to the movies to watch "STATE OF PLAY". It was pretty good.

My husband was wonderful this year!!! He & Piper got me a 1 hour message at the Lavender & Lime Day Spa & a devotional. I am SO excited! They did SO SO good this year.

This is the signing of my sweet card. I am so thankful for Beau & Piper!!!
My card read: "For my wife. It's not where we live.....It's not places we go.... It's not things we do.... It's YOU that I love and thank God for everyday! With a Heart Full of Love On Mother's Day."

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  1. You girls look dangerous . . .very very pretty! Arent Christian friends just a real blessing? I am thankful you all were able to get babysitters and time to go and relax. Good for you!