Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Piper's 1st haircut!!!

I finally did it....Piper's super thin hair got cut today :( It was a very sad day for mommy! I even thought about backing out....I decided it was time to trim it so it would grow thicker. I was afraid if I did it I would make her look like a boy. We took her to Mitzi's to mrs. Jennifer & she did a great job!!!

This is what it looked like before the hair cut...See the sweet little curls???

Mrs. Jennifer gave her a sucker. That made it so much better! Piper did a great job! She got a little sad a couple times.

Mrs. Jennifer & Piper.

This is the results....I think it looks great!!! The sweet little curls.....Are gone!! :(

This little ham! Sometimes when I tell her to give me a kiss this is what she does because I tell her NO! I want a good kiss!! She thinks it is SO funny!

Two people I love so very much!!!!!


  1. She looks adorable Becky!!! So pretty!

  2. How cute! I remember those days...I still have a lock of the curls from both my boys.
    Cherish these times...they will always bring smiles later in life.