Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lil miss INDEPENDENT....Oh & check out her throwing a fit!

She has such an attitude!!! I don't even know what to do! Is this normal??? I know they say alot of babies go through this. We have tried everything!! Spankings, in the corner, in her bed. She was so bad today that we were going to take her to the park & had to say no! Not all day but just for this time period. HELP!!


We (Beau, Piper, & myself) went to La Fiesta to eat tonight. Well, Piper had to set by Beau (like a big girl) & she discovered that she loves salsa!! She wouldn't let me pretend I was dipping the chip in salsa she had to do it herself! She was eating that salsa up! We thought after a few minutes she would quit b/c it was too hot but she never did. Let me tell ya, she ate more salsa than chip. Then when her side of beans & rice came out.....NO me or Beau could not feed it to her. She had to do it herself. Let me mention that she is still not good with the spoon. It was a mess!! all over the place. Poor waiters!

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