Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Difficult People

Have you ever had difficult people in your life that you have had a difficult time dealing with them? I know I have. I am reading this book called "Be a people person". Beau suggested it for me. I think it's amazing how I just so happen to be at a chapter about dealing with difficult people when I am going through that right now.

~Personality Types~

  1. Sherman Tank- person who runs over everything & anything that is in the way. They intimidate people with their "I'm-right-you're-wrong" attitude. They intimidate through sheer force & power; their behavior is aggressive & even hostile. Because they are insinsitive, people tend to battle with them. It is difficult to sit down & reason or rationalize with "tanks".

  2. Space Cadet- these people live in their own worlds, walking to the beat of a different drummer. They don't usually respond to normal motivational techniques. You may label these people in the "weird" category.

  3. Volcano- an explosive, unpredictable type of person who tends to be unapproachable. It's difficult to relax around them because we don't know when the heat is about to rise. Just as the space cadet causes frustration the volcano causes tension.

  4. Thumb sucker- tend to pout, are full of self pitty, & try to get people to cater to their own desires. This pouting is used as a leverage to manipulate others. If things are not going their way, they can create a heavy atmosphere that is as oppresive as a rain cloud. They ofter employ the silent treatment to get what they want.

  5. Wet Blanket- is constantly down & negative. He is the classic impossibility thinker who sees a problem in every solution. They usually take no resposibility in his or her negative attitude & behavior.

  6. The garbage collector- is locked even deeper into the mire of negativity than the wet blanket & the thumb sucker. They have surrendered the leadership of their lives to negative emotions. They nurse their wounds & hold onto their wounded ill spirits. The fact that their is garbage in life is depressing enough, but to collect it & haul it around town in a dump truck for public veiwing is down right sick!

  7. The User- a person who manipulates for his or her won personal gain. They avoid resposibility. They often use guilt to get what they want. They put on a weak front in order to get people to feel sorry for them.

I know that I can definatley think of people reading these. Sadly I thought of the way I can be also. Here are ways John Maxwell says you can handle these types of people.

  1. Love them unconditionally

  2. Ask God for wisdon in working with them.

  3. Stay emotionally healthy yourself.

  4. Do not evaluate people to positions of leadership in order to rescue them.

  5. Be honest with God, yourself, & them.

I know their have been difficult people in my life that I have had a hard time dealing with. Even recently. I had prayed & prayed about a situation. I very nicely & honestly revealed my feelings about a situation & they responded in a negative way. God took care of that situation for me. I know I did the right thing & he was their to take care of me. I am so thankful for my Savior & so thankful he deals with my difficult people.

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