Saturday, May 30, 2009

been busy!

Piper likes getting in her glider & read books....
I have had a lot going on this week....Piper got sick again wed. She had 103 fever. She was throwing up, had diahria, very congested & had a horrible cough. We were a little worried b/c we couldn't get her to drink. She would just say NO! She didn't have a wet diaper for a long time. We didn't want her to get dehydrated. Thankfully when she woke up the next morning she guzzled her cup! Praise the Lord!!! She got some cough medicine, antibiotics & the dr. wants her to keep taking tylenol. Needless to say wed. she slept very well.....She went to bed at 7 & didn't wake up until 10 the next morning.

She put daddies hat on herself.


She is such a showoff!!!

Today Beau & I went conoeing with Jared, Cassen, Lawson, & Shannon. It was fun! Piper stayed with Tony & Gina....She loves them!!!

I thought Beau was going to kill me today! We were going through some rapids & headed straight for a huge rock! Our canoe was not turning....I was in the front. Beau flipped out of the boat (on purpose) & flipped me out & everything in it. I got pushed away with the currents & then here come Cassen & Jared! They could have ran over me. I tried grabbing my life jacket, the waterproof camera was gone. I missed the lifejacket which is still stuck under the rock as I was being carried away running into rocks. Jared had to go back & get the lifejacket. Someone caught our boat. Then down the river we see my camera. Some girls start taking pictures so Shannon ran down there to get it. Can't wait to see the pictures of girls I dont' know.

We really had a great time though. Then we stopped in Ozark at a delicous BBQ place!


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