Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy birthday to my sweet Beau!

Beau turned 29 today! WOW! One more year until 30!!!
Happy birthday BEAU!!!
Here is Beau holding his birthday cake..... Below is Piper enjoying the yummy chocolate birthday cake!!! She kept wanting more so we had to hide it. She would say "my cake". It was too funny! And look what a mess she made. I am not good with messes. I don't like messes! It was fun though!
Piper turned 19 months today!! WOW! I cannot believe how fast she is growing!!! I weighed her on our scale & she weighed 23 lbs 6 oz. That is less than what she weighed a month ago. I knew she was smaller but I didn't know how much. She is really thinning out & getting tall!!

Piper's favorite things are shoes (she puts anyones shoes on that are laying around! I mean anyones!) She loves books!!! She is always getting a book & saying read it. She loves writting! She already holds her crayons so good. If there is a pen lying around beware....She will write on any kind of paper. I have the books to prove it, including my bible!!

Oh & Piper has had this BAD habbit of taking her pants & diaper off after she wakes up from a nap or in the mornings....Well, today at nap time I decided to try something new. I put her diaper on backwards. It was still on when I went to get her from her nap today! I was excited!

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  1. Dean is obsessed with shoes/socks too and ALWAYS has to have one or the other or both on.

    I LOVE the new look to your blog-you are getting so good at this blogging stuff-I think you should do our class blog! Hee Hee!! :)