Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My cousin Zach

My cousin Zach is graduating from high school this year! I cannot believe he is a senior! He should still be little! He is like a little brother to me. I still remember going with his mom (my aunt Liz) to drop him off on his first day of kindergarten! Oh it is so sad! I am so proud of him!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy birthday to my sweet Beau!

Beau turned 29 today! WOW! One more year until 30!!!
Happy birthday BEAU!!!
Here is Beau holding his birthday cake..... Below is Piper enjoying the yummy chocolate birthday cake!!! She kept wanting more so we had to hide it. She would say "my cake". It was too funny! And look what a mess she made. I am not good with messes. I don't like messes! It was fun though!
Piper turned 19 months today!! WOW! I cannot believe how fast she is growing!!! I weighed her on our scale & she weighed 23 lbs 6 oz. That is less than what she weighed a month ago. I knew she was smaller but I didn't know how much. She is really thinning out & getting tall!!

Piper's favorite things are shoes (she puts anyones shoes on that are laying around! I mean anyones!) She loves books!!! She is always getting a book & saying read it. She loves writting! She already holds her crayons so good. If there is a pen lying around beware....She will write on any kind of paper. I have the books to prove it, including my bible!!

Oh & Piper has had this BAD habbit of taking her pants & diaper off after she wakes up from a nap or in the mornings....Well, today at nap time I decided to try something new. I put her diaper on backwards. It was still on when I went to get her from her nap today! I was excited!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Piper toot"

Me & Piper were in Target yesterday going down an aisle & Piper says "Piper toot". Then she repeats herself........Then I smelled how it stunk & said "shew Piper". So of course she says "Shew Piper." She kept repeating herself. It was hilarious!!! It really did stink!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Heart Attack

Last Friday night I got a text in the middle of the night that read "Wayne had a heartattack." Wayne is my step dad. I got the text from my brother Hank. I didn't know I had it until the next morning when I got a text from my mom asking me if I was awake. Then I saw the other one. What was my brother thinking? You don't send a text like that!!!! I called mom. It was about 7 in the morning. I asked about Wayne. He did have a heart attack! They took him to the hospital b/c he was having chest pain & his blood pressure was very high. He had to have surgery & had a stint put in. He is at home now & doing well....Thank you Lord for protecting him! I am so thankful he is okay.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It hurts mommy!

Piper scraped her little knee at church today. She milked it too. She was so sad! She kept looking at it & crying! Poor baby! We put some neosporine on it & said a little prayer. Then mommy read her a bible story. She was much better after that!

She's got an attitude!! &tooth 10&11

Yesterday I was absolutley frustrated! I took Piper to Sam's with me to do a little shopping & she was absolutley horrible!!! Screamed & threw a fit the whole time. I wanted to yank her out of that cart & just bust her bottom........She would say cookie please so I would give her one. Then she would scream or throw the cookie. It was terrible!! It seems anytime we go to wal-mart or anywhere like that I cannot get any shopping done. I swat her leg & she just screams...This girl has an attitude!

Speaking of attitude Piper has been squeezing her hands together & yelling in mine & Beau's face "NNOOOO"(when she gets in trouble)........Beau does not like that at all......This girl gets lots of spankings. I know it will pay off one day though. I know she will grow up to be a well mannered & disciplined kid.

"Do not withhold correction from a child, For if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, & deliver his soul from hell." Prov. 23:13-14

Oh & Piper got tooth # 10 in about 3 days ago......& she got tooth #11 today! Finally....seems like it is taking her so long to get hers in. That is okay with me though.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Vidos of Piper

Piper knows some of her shapes. She knows heart, moon, square, diamond, star, oval, & circle. Pretty good for being 18 months old!Piper has been doing sign language really well since she was 12 months. Now that she can talk she still does the sign language as she says it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey

We went to McDonald's today for Trey's birthday! He is 4 years old!!! We had some yummy red & blue cupcakes. The kids had it all over their mouths!

Here is Veronica & Trey! I just love them!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pictures

This one is my favorite!

Piper was so much fun this year for Easter! She did so good at hunting eggs! She really liked it. Although that is fun, Beau & I want her to know the true meaning of Easter.

She loves saying "Cheese" for the camera!

We love our beatiful little girl!


Camping with family, Easter 09

Mimi helping Piper Aunt Liz & P

She loves eggs!

She got a prize for finding the most eggs. She found 22 (she may have had some help)
She was not too interested in dying eggs. She wanted to eat candy.

She got SO dirty at the camp! She has NEVER been this dirty! She loved it though.

Justin, Brenda, & Garrett

Timmy & Destine

The Brown's again.......


she had fun

Four Generations

Piper & Mimi

Uncle James, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Mary Faye, Chuck, & Steve Smith

Dido & Cassie dying eggs

Dying Eggs

Michael Wayne loved the cow!

Uncle Danny K., Aunt Jane, Aunt Betty, & Mom

My sweet gramma & me!


R.J., Destine, Drew, Pepper, & Cody

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg hunting at Mrs. Becky's

Hudson & Trey looking for eggs.

Piper & Addilyn did really good hunting for eggs. I am suprised Piper knew what to do but she did.


Isn't she adorable!!!!!