Monday, March 23, 2009

My sweet girl

Okay so everynight we do the same thing. After I brush Piper's teeth we say a prayer before she goes to bed. She puts her hands together while we pray & when we are done she says "Amen!" Then I go through & say, "do you love mommy?" she says "yes". I say "do you love "daddy?" She says "yes". Then I tell her that Jesus loves her. Lastnight when I said that she put her head on my shoulder & started singing "bible, bible". I realized she was trying to sing "Jesus loves me". I sing those songs to her all the time. It was such a sweet moment. So of course I had to sing it to her again.
Also yesterday I see Piper pointing to her cheeks & dancing then clapping her hands. She was trying to sing "if your happy & you know it clap your hands". It was awesome!!!!! The songs I sing her all the time are starting to pay off! What a blessing!

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