Friday, March 27, 2009

18 months old

Today Beau & I took Piper to see dr. Whitaker for her 18 month check up. She is doing great. She is 33 1/2 in & 24lbs 3oz. She is in the 90% on height & the 50% on weight. She is growing so much. She is tall & skinny! & her head was in the 75%.
Beau got to take off work today b/c his brother is getting married tomorrow. Well, that is the reason he took off in the first place but we didn't know until this week that he even got off for sure. Although we are not going to the wedding. It is a long story & I won't go there. I am trying to stay positive. I wish the best for Phillip & Audrey & I pray a blessing over there marraige. Anyway, we had a fun day with daddy today. We got a lot done. We had Piper's dr. apt., got the oil changed in our vehichle, ate lunch together at El Super Taco, went to the mall & got Alexis a gift for her birthday tomorrow. Alexis is our friend Bre's little girl who is turning 9 actually today. We are going to her skating party tomorrow. & Beau & I both got our hair cut. We needed it!
Here is something interesting. I was at the place waiting to get my hair cut & this lady ask's me if Piper goes to daycare. I said no & she said "Oh, they learn so much in daycare"..........hhhhmmmm REALLY! Like so much I can't teach her! My daughter is one of the smartest kids i've seen & she has lots of interaction with other kids. Like the kids I watch & at church & friends & family's kids. I am not anti-daycare at all but there is nothing my daughter couldn't learn from daycare that I can't teach her.

Oh & OU won tonight so that is 1 step closer! BOOMER SOONER!!!

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