Sunday, March 29, 2009

We finally got to meet baby Joseph!

We went to Beau's aunt & uncle Jerry & Fran to meet Joseph. He is Beau's cousin Jared's little boy who was born in December. We got to see Jerry, Fran, Jennifer, & Joseph. It was great!
Here is us with baby Joseph. Piper did not want to take a picture. She was cranky!
Look how adorable he is!!!! Just perfect!
I just love him! We are so glad we finally got to see Joseph James!!! He is perfect!

Friday, March 27, 2009

18 months old

Today Beau & I took Piper to see dr. Whitaker for her 18 month check up. She is doing great. She is 33 1/2 in & 24lbs 3oz. She is in the 90% on height & the 50% on weight. She is growing so much. She is tall & skinny! & her head was in the 75%.
Beau got to take off work today b/c his brother is getting married tomorrow. Well, that is the reason he took off in the first place but we didn't know until this week that he even got off for sure. Although we are not going to the wedding. It is a long story & I won't go there. I am trying to stay positive. I wish the best for Phillip & Audrey & I pray a blessing over there marraige. Anyway, we had a fun day with daddy today. We got a lot done. We had Piper's dr. apt., got the oil changed in our vehichle, ate lunch together at El Super Taco, went to the mall & got Alexis a gift for her birthday tomorrow. Alexis is our friend Bre's little girl who is turning 9 actually today. We are going to her skating party tomorrow. & Beau & I both got our hair cut. We needed it!
Here is something interesting. I was at the place waiting to get my hair cut & this lady ask's me if Piper goes to daycare. I said no & she said "Oh, they learn so much in daycare"..........hhhhmmmm REALLY! Like so much I can't teach her! My daughter is one of the smartest kids i've seen & she has lots of interaction with other kids. Like the kids I watch & at church & friends & family's kids. I am not anti-daycare at all but there is nothing my daughter couldn't learn from daycare that I can't teach her.

Oh & OU won tonight so that is 1 step closer! BOOMER SOONER!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hail & Hotdogs

The hail was popping up like popcorn. We were trying to grill some hotdogs. Logan Williams came over to eat with us, watch The Office, & some basketball. Duke got killed tonight. That stinks for me b/c I had them in my final 4.

Look at this little ham! She loves her sunglasses! We went into Wal_mart today & she wouldn't take them off. She wore them all through Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay so we bought Piper some new sunglasses & isn't she just adorable??? Well as soon as we got in the car she broke them....HA! Ya she's a mess!! I think they are fixable so that is good.

Piper is talking well & she is repeating EVERYTHING!! I noticed just watching T.V. today that she was repeating everything that was said. So, gotta pay attention to what we watch. No bad T.V. Beau accidently said "o crap" today when putting Piper in the car & what does she say..........Yep that is what she said.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My sweet girl

Okay so everynight we do the same thing. After I brush Piper's teeth we say a prayer before she goes to bed. She puts her hands together while we pray & when we are done she says "Amen!" Then I go through & say, "do you love mommy?" she says "yes". I say "do you love "daddy?" She says "yes". Then I tell her that Jesus loves her. Lastnight when I said that she put her head on my shoulder & started singing "bible, bible". I realized she was trying to sing "Jesus loves me". I sing those songs to her all the time. It was such a sweet moment. So of course I had to sing it to her again.
Also yesterday I see Piper pointing to her cheeks & dancing then clapping her hands. She was trying to sing "if your happy & you know it clap your hands". It was awesome!!!!! The songs I sing her all the time are starting to pay off! What a blessing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What happens when you leave a one & 1/2 year olds sight for 1 minute.

I guess Beau was dozzing off on the couch & I was in another room. I hear Beau saying "piper no!". She had her bag of cheerios with raisens & poured it all over the living room floor. Oh but that's not it. In the kitchen she had the whole box of whales in the floor then she was sitting on them crunching them all over the floor. What a mess she can make!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA bracket 2009

Call me crazy for picking OU to win it all but we have a good team this year so I'm going for it!!!

At mimi's

My nephew & Piper are staying a couple days at my moms (MIMI). They love it there. They are watching Little Bill in this picture. Piper loves Little Bill. She says it so cute too!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Women's conference

We had a women's conference at church this wknd. It was SO good! Lysa Terkuerst came and spoke. She gave an awesome testimony! WOW! I am so thankful I decided to go to that. I got to greet & I always enjoy that. The worship was amazing! I know there were women who gave their lives to Jesus. Praise GOD!!!!
Piper before church.
Her poor little black eye! She was sitting in her little pink chair & fell off it & hit the entertainment center. Grant & Rachel were over. I asked Piper if she was okay when she was crying & she said "No". It was sad! This was when we came home from the women's conference.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walking Trail

It was a beautiful day today. Beau, Piper, & myself took a little walk on the walking trail here in Greenwood. It is a neat little trail & it is paved so we could take the stroller on it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hudson & Piper. Today we went for a wagon ride. It was so nice outside. They seemed to really enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009