Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tooth #9 & Park

Beau & Piper going down the slide.
Don't you just love Piper's face here! She does this alot!
Piper & Addilyn sliding together. I love how it has the daddy's in the background!

She loves to slide!
I was brushing Piper's teeth tonight & decided to take a look in her mouth to see if she had any new teeth I didn't know about. Sure enough she did. It is on the top left. One of her molar teeth & it's not all the way in yet. Poor girl
We had a very productive day. The weather was wonderful! We went to the bulldog diner & had breakfast, then came home & took a walk in the neighbor hood. Then Beau & I did some yard work while Piper played. Beau & I got a lot done outside. Beau bleached the gutters. They look great. After Piper's nap we went to the park with Neal, Lauren, & Addilyn. Now Beau is working at the church & Grant & Rachel are going to come over afterward to play games.

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