Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Piper is sick again!

Well the last couple of days Piper has had a lot of congestion. Which I think everyone has...It is going around. Trey & Addie have even had it. Beau got up with Piper around 3 to give her a breathing treatment b/c she was coughing so hard. Well at 4:15 we got up with her b/c she was coughing & threw up. We put her in bed with us after changing her clothes. Then at 5 when Beau got up to get ready for work she would not go back to sleep. I decided to put her back in bed. She woke up again at 7:15 & threw up again. I got her up with me. She usually doesn't get up until 8 or 8:30. She stayed up & layed around all day. NEVER got up to play. Didn't eat & drank a little. Addilyn & Trey came over until I realized she had 102.4 fever. Then Trey left at 11:30 & we took Piper to see dr. Whitaker as soon as Addie left. She ended up having a double ear infection again!! UGH!!! That poor baby! You know she doesn't feel good when she doesn't move all day!
Piper weighed 23lbs 9oz. She will be 17 months in 3 days.

Piper & Beau sleeping when we got home from the dr.

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