Wednesday, February 4, 2009

P got 2 shots today

Me & Piper sharing a smoothy. I have been trying to think of ways to get her to eat fruit. I put some bananas & strawberrys in yogurt with a little milk & blended it. She loved it!
Love the faces!

Piper Shots
Well when Piper turned 1 she was supposed to get 4 shots. Me being the chicken I am only let her get 2 so we went back today for the other two. She was such a trooper! I held her arm as the nurse quickly gave the two shots. She only cried while she was getting them. As soon as she quit, Piper quit crying. I was so proud of her!!

Well I know I was talking about Piper not wanting to take two naps anymore. Strangly this is her third day in a row two still take two naps. :) So maybe she is not ready to change to one yet. I hope so!

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