Sunday, February 22, 2009

My birthday....I'm 25

Okay so this was a birthday I was not looking forward too. I was born on my grandpa's birthday, the grandpa that passed away last July. I have been upset all week. Friday night was great b/c I went & had dinner with the girls. It took my mind off of things. Then sat. rolls around & I was miserable. It was not going to be the same having my birthday without my grandpa. I used to call him to tell him happy birthday & he would say it wasn't his birthday, he was letting me borrow it. Then Sunday was even worse. I just wanted to call my grandpa & tell him happy birthday. I didn't want to call my grandma b/c I thought she would get upset with me being upset. :( Anyway......Then Sunday evening we went to a birthday party at our church. It was for Ephraim, a 3 year old. His parents Carter & Nova Dawn are in our Lifegroup. It was fun. They had bounce arounds for the kids.
My cookie cake from Beau & Piper which you can tell he added the Becky & mom part.

Look at my big girl!

Piper did not like the bounce arounds at first.
YAY! She is having fun now!
Peyton! I just love him!
Piper was copying Neal.
Look at Piper & Dean staring at eachother. They were flirting a little. They even gave kisses. Then Cooper is just smiling at the camera! I love it!

Piper, Dean, & Cooper!

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