Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Our lifegroup got together for Valentines Day. It was our date night. We had a great night! We renued our vows. Jeff Ivey did it & he did a great job. We also had a spaghetti dinner, some wonderful appetizers & delicous desserts! After we ate we played the newlywed game. That was fun! Beau & I got all the questions right the first round then the second round missed all of them. Jason & Mandy won.
The ladies
Cassen & Jared
Me & My valentine!

Us again!......I love him so much!

Beau got me some chocolates & some tanning sessions for Valentines day. I got him "Quiet Strength" a book by Tony Dungy, & a new shirt. We got Piper a new outfit & a Nick Jr. DVD. It has Dora, Max & Ruby, Little Bill, & Blue's clues.

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